Posted: November 18th, 2015

Staffing Challenges Chapter 1-3

Unit 1 Strategic Staffing (due by November 22)
• Read Chapters 1 -3
• Write a 2-3 page reflection paper describing the staffing process that led to your getting hired for your current job.
o Use the questions from the attached handout as the basis of your paper
• Determine the company and position you will be using for your staffing project.Staffing Your Own Job Assignment.


Write a 2-3 page reflection paper describing the staffing process that led to your getting hired for your current job. Use the following questions to jog your memory.

Applicant Perspective
1. Why did you identify and seek out this organization?
2. How did you try to make yourself attractive to the organization?
1. How did you gather information about the job’s requirements and rewards?
2. How did you judge your own KSAOs and needs relative to these requirements and rewards?
1. Why did you decide to continue on in the staffing process, rather than drop out of it?
2. Why did you decide to accept the job offer? What were the pluses and minuses of the job?

Organization Perspective
Even if you are unsure of the answers to the following questions, try to answer them or guess at them.
1. How did the organization identify you as a job applicant?
2. How did the organization make the job attractive to you?
1. What techniques (application blank, interview, etc.) did the organization use to gather KSAO information about you?
2. How did the organization evaluate this information? What did it see as your strong and weak points, KSAO-wise?

1. Why did the organization continue to pursue you as an applicant, rather than reject you from further consideration?
2. What was the job offer like? Did you receive a verbal or written offer (or both)? Who made the offer? What was the content of the offer?
Reactions to the Staffing Process
Now that you have described the staffing process, what are your reactions to it?
1. What are the strong points or positive features of the process?
2. What were the weak points or negative features of the process?
3. What changes would you like to see made in the process and why?

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