What grade will I get if you write my paper?

Different clients look for different grades. You are the one to tell which grade you with the paper to correspond. Often, it is advisable to choose a realistic grade according to your academic strength. Our writers are able to customize the paper to meet your expected grade. That said, we always write papers that give you outstanding grades. Talk to us and let us know your expectations.

Is the writer who will work on my paper an expert in my field?

Yes. We are privileged to have a team of over 300 professional freelance writers and editors. The professionals are sourced from different fields of study and have a minimum of Bachelor degree, with a majority being Masters level writers and editors and specialized Ph.D level writers and editors. Therefore, your paper is handled by a writer and editor who are specialists in your field to guarantee quality. The editor ensures that the writer follows your instructions fully to avoid revisions.

How can I send additional materials/files for my assignment?

Any files or additional attachments to your order can be sent directly to our support email: support@thecollegepapers.com. You can also upload the files once you place an order to the specific order you place. You can also contact us via chat or call us to give us special instructions.

How sure can I be that my paper will not have plagiarism?

101% sure! We thrive on a “ZERO PLAGIARISM” policy. This is the culture in our organization. Our writers know how to paraphrase and cite appropriately to make sure that not even TurnitIn can detect similarity. Besides, we check all papers via a plagiarism checker software to make sure that our Zero Plagiarism policy is not violated. The end product is a paper that you can turn in confidently know that you are safe from the worry of being expelled from college due to plagiarism.

Can you just send me a ready paper for my assignment?

Unfortunately, NO. We write all papers from scratch. Therefore, no paper matches another that has been submitted. We are sure you would not like your paper to be sold to someone else. ZERO PLAGIARISM is our policy.

How long will it take me to place an order?

It is a 1…2…3 process! Fill the Order Now Form, SignUp, CheckOut. In 5 minutes you will be done.

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