Posted: April 5th, 2015

Using Value Stream Mapping in BPO case

Using Value Stream Mapping in BPO case

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Read the case “BPO, Incorporated: Call Center Six Sigma Project”
Meredith, Jack R. (2012-10-10). Operations Management for MBAs, 5th Edition (Page 381). Wiley Higher Ed.

The BPO Case in the back of the Operations Management book is a comprehensive case
designed to help gain practical experience with application of CPI
methods/philosophies. The purpose of the BPO project is provide experience in creating
practical business solutions with the application of CPI methods, philosophies and/or
Describe how using Value Stream Mapping will be relevant to solving the case.
Align the case points with Value Stream Mapping. Clearly state how each point will be addressed through the Value Stream Mapping tool.

Use the attached PDF file that has information on Value Stream Mapping.
Both the text book and PDF should be used as references.

include other references used in APA format with a web address that is accessible and can be verified.

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