Posted: April 6th, 2015

The case study will summarise how the work/project has been discussed in published commentary and identify the tacit or explicit conceptual framing or theoretical perspectives used by the writers

Case studies are a useful strategy to initiate new explorations of a research interest as they focus on a particular issue. In art and design, case studies provide a vivid description of a work/project, describe its public reception, and argue for a particular interpretation within a selected theoretical framing. This case study will demonstrate your engagement with art and design discourse via a search of the literature on your topic. A well selected case study that has attracted published commentary will provide links to how other people have thought about the topic with points of view and theoretical perspectives that may be similar or different to your own. In other words, people who are also interested in your topic!
Conduct a literature search on one of the works/projects identified in Task 1 and that is related to a key aspect of your observation. Develop a case study analysis (1000 words) that describes the work/project in detail so that the reader can ‘see’ it in their ‘mind’s eye’. The case study will summarise how the work/project has been discussed in published commentary and identify the tacit or explicit conceptual framing or theoretical perspectives used by the writers. You will identify a theoretical framing that you find insightful and provide a brief summary of that framework’s assumptions and key concepts as described by a leading author in art and design discourse. References for the case study will include:
• three book chapters by key authors on your topic
• three up-to-date articles from the UNSW Library Databases of scholarly peer-reviewed journals and/or academic publications concerned with your selected theoretical framework in art and design discourse.
Assessment Criteria With Marking Rubric
Effective literature search using a range of sources including popular and scholarly literature.
Insightful description of the work and its public reception.
dentification and summary of a relevant theoretical framework.

I need to write about the different calligraphy such as Japanese or Irani or Korean calligraphy on different materials such as calligraphy on wood or ceramics or metals.

and also see this :

Contextualising your prac2ce via case studies
Case-studies bring prac1ce and theory together!
Art/design/curatorial case-studies explore issues – just like your research – not solu)ons!

* Search Journal of Research Prac2ce
1. Find a case-study that is an example of a work/project/prac1ce that:
… is relevant to your issue (ie that relates to your observed irritant)
… relates to your area of prac1ce (ie. art/design/curatorship)
Choose a case study that has a lot wriGen about it!
Contextualising your prac2ce via case studies
1. Conduct a mini-literature review of your chosen case study … find at least 3 readings about it
2. Select a theore1cal framework in which your chosen case study is discussed
… eg. Tim Bruniger: theorists Daniel Birnbaum / Henri Bergson: * destabilised no1ons of linear 1me
(1me no longer follows a linear order of successive moments)
… eg. Stella Rosa McDonald: theorists Susan Sontag / Eugene Atget: * authorship of camera-based works
(the camera’s binary capabili1es of documenta1on (‘truth’) and fabrica1on (‘fic1on’)
3. Summarise the key issues of your selected theore1cal framework … what are the key concepts of the theore1cal framework?
* how are these concepts described? * how are they applied to practice? I need to tell you also my first assessment was what the irritant about Arabic calligraphy.
please I need the same requirement…………………………….

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