Posted: November 30th, 2015

What is the effect of mass media and alcohol advertising on Teenage Alcohol Abuse in europe

Design a study that will answer or contribute to answering that important research question in a defined population.
Identify conceptual, practical and ethical issues that may arise in answering the study question.
Develop and deliver a professional, technically-sound and scientifically appropriate document.

1. You are invited to make an informal proposal for the public health research study. This is not a grant application and you are not expected to calculate costs or budgets.
2. This proposal will be marked on the basis of the attached mark scheme.
3. Propose the study in the form of a word-processed document using subheadings that respond to the mark scheme: you do not need to rigidly adhere to each subheading / domain.
4. While there is no upper limit on the scale, cost or complexity of your study (which may be observational or interventional), students are recommended to focus on proposing an achievable study that might be in a local, regional or national public health setting.

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