Posted: March 29th, 2016

Starbucks and Global Cultural

For this essay, you MUST discuss at least one reading from the course. This entails more than incorporating a single quotation. The discussion should make a substantial contribution to the argument. You can use the readings for evidence or to develop a conceptual framework for the paper. You should show that you can read carefully and with understanding and insight.

In Chapter 4, Lane Crothers givesglobal cultural histories” of four brands: Coke, Jeans, McDonalds, and the NFL. Crothers argues that brands, as American culture icons, have globally persuasive messages and great economic power, but may generate fear, anger, and opposition. Choose another major global brand and write a similar history, including any significant controversies (issues of morality, economic disparity, ethnic and racial stereotyping, environmental damage, etc.). In telling the brand story, it is important not to fall into advertising hype. Don’t sell the brand to us. Rather, with objective distance, analyze some dimension of its global impact.

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