Posted: April 30th, 2016

repare a contribution format income statement?

History of Utility Expenses
Utility Costs Comment
January $10,000 closed the entire month for repairs
February $11,000 produced 5,000 widgets
March $10,600 produced 3,000 widgets
April $11,600 produced 8,000 widgets

Submit 1 Excel file including the following information:
• Even when the plant was shut down for a month, what was the utility expense that month?
• In February, what was the amount of utilities that was fixed, and what portion was variable?
• Based on the rest of the data, what is the variable portion of utility costs per unit in February?
• If June’s expected units produced are 9,000, what would the expected utility costs be? Show your calculations.

o Prepare a contribution format income statement:
o use this month’s standard formatted income statement below
o use the History of Utility Expenses provided
o show as many calculations as possible

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