Posted: August 9th, 2016

Pacific Oil case and prepare a case analysis

Please read the Pacific Oil case and prepare a case analysis as described below.
Your paper should consist of the following two sections:

1. Your thorough analysis of the re-opened negotiations, and the strategies/tactics used by the different participants in negotiation. As part of this analysis, please also make sure to answer the following questions:
If you were Pacific, what would you have done differently? Why?
If you were Reliant, what would you have done differently? Why?

2. Recommended Actions: What recommendations would you make to Pacific Oil at the end of the case?
Here you must be decisive and specific. You must decide what should be done. You should also be specific about exactly how you implement your plans. For example, in discussing how multiple actions will be sequenced, who will do what when, where the actions will take place, what resources will be needed to accomplish your plan, etc. Be sure to provide a compelling rationale for why you have recommended these actions. Defend your recommendation with sound analysis and by pointing out the pros and cons of the choice(s) you have made.

Helpful Hints For The Paper:

* Use concepts, theories, and or empirical evidence reported in your readings or in class to provide a framework for your analysis and support your conclusions and recommended actions.

* Make sure to use terms/concepts appropriately and precisely.

* You are expected to rely heavily on the concepts and models presented in your texts and in class, as these will be important in grading your case analysis. The class is the foundation for understanding what is happening in the case. If you do not explicitly state how you are applying this material, I have no way of knowing how well you have learned it.

* This is a case analysis, not a case summary. I know the case. Analyze, don’t summarize.

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