Posted: March 10th, 2017

What are the objectives and approaches needed for solving the problem?

Identify the major problem regarding labor cost and competitiveness faced by the
TOYOTA Company

Structure the problem by considering the following questions:

What is the nature of the problem?

How is this problem relevant to the company and the industry?
What are the objectives and approaches needed for solving the problem?

What is the available information?

What are the decision opportunities?

Diagram the objectives, approaches, and events using the modeling techniques from
chapter 1-B of the text.(Decision Analysis-An Integrated Approach- Andrew Lang
Golub) If necessary, revise the structure of your decision problem.

Create a value tree to help you evaluate the desirability of each final outcome.
Present it in Microsoft Office Word document format and name the file
M3_A3_LastName_GPIII.doc. Submit the document to the M3: Assignment 3 Dropbox
by Saturday, November 13, 2010. Follow the correct APA standards for writing the
report and citing sources.

Created a value tree.
Developed a snapshot of the TOYOTA company by analyzing
current performance including, at a minimum, share of market
by product line, core competencies, financial performance,
key success factors, and any other important metric you
determined through research to be a determinant of differential
Determined what TOYOTA company is doing to both develop
new products and to enter new markets or market segments.
Described the product and the market.
Identified the market entry strategy in terms of economic
growth, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, etc.
Identified and defined the key industry success factors.
Created a competitive ranking metric based on the key
industry success factors. Used a weighted average approach.

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