Posted: December 29th, 2015

Gender is an important issue that cuts across many aspects of development work. Discuss.

Harvard ref)

Material is relevant – that is, the body of the essay addresses the title.
Enough information is included.
There are no major gaps in coverage of course material and there is an adequate range of source material used and cited.

The audience is assumed to be an intelligent layperson, so that there is an appropriate balance between definition and description of ideas and concepts, and the development of these to form an argument in relation to the title.

Structure The essay is organised solely through clear paragraphing without the aid of headings and subheadings.
One key point or idea is contained in each paragraph.
The key idea is signalled to the reader – usually in an initial topic sentence.
Sentences within paragraphs are in a logical order and relevant to the key idea of the paragraph.
Signalling words and phrases (e.g. however, on the other hand, moreover) are used to link paragraphs and sentences within paragraphs.
Each paragraph contains enough detail and the right sort of information to support the main idea.
Paragraph structure and length are varied if necessary to meet the specific purposes of the point being made.

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