Posted: June 8th, 2015

Nursing policy questions

Answer each question. Every question should have at least 1 reference less than 5 years old. The policy in question is nutrition education and childhood obesity.
1. Look up the five key policy areas and the problems and unexpected obstacles encountered in an effort to strategize your policy plan (policy plan is education about better eating and childhood obesity. What are possible etiologies and solutions for these problems?
2. Given the power of the media, discuss how you would use an opinion editorial, a personal interview, websites, texting, Facebook, Twitter, and/or blogs to influence public opinion relative to your policy priority. What issues about media and electronic social networking do you need to consider? Why?
3. Discuss an example of a healthcare partnership in your community and specifically cite examples that show how nurses, both individually and collectively, influenced the care provided. What obstacles were/are confronted, and what strategies were/are employed in order to effectively overcome them? Relate aspects of your policy priority to this community partnership and its goals, barriers, strategies, and political issues.
4. Describe the purpose and effectiveness of a nursing organization to which you belong or with which you are familiar. What leadership role are you currently performing or would you like to perform in this organization? What is your next step within the organization or its partners to enhance your professional development?
5. Select an international healthcare policy issue and describe strategies nurses can employ to influence change. How can you “think globally,” but act locally to impact this specific international healthcare policy? Express your thoughts concerning healthcare policy and its application to professional nursing.

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