Posted: May 29th, 2015

Misconceptions in teaching mathematics

Misconceptions in teaching mathematics

Select an assessment item aimed at Higher-Level GCSE candidates.

(a)    Analyse the knowledge, skills and understanding which the item is designed to assess.
300 word equivalent.
Criteria:    Selection of an appropriately challenging assessment item.
Clear analysis of the demands of the assessment item.

(b)    Provide three separate answers to your assessment item, two of which should include misconceptions or errors.  The answers should be clearly annotated.
300 word equivalent.
Criteria:    Evidence of insight into pupils’ errors and misconceptions.

(c)    Describe how you would teach the assessed topic to avoid the misconceptions and errors you have identified in part (b).
800 word equivalent.
Criteria:    Clear analysis of the reasons for the misconceptions.
Appropriate teaching strategies.

*Look at past exam paper, mark scheme and examiners report

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