Posted: August 6th, 2015

Investment proposal

Investment proposal

Prepare an investment proposal for your allocated context firm

looking to expand its product line by applying incremental cash flow analysis and determining the appropriate cost of capital. Clearly
piscubsshow such an investment will improve the firm’svalue. ldentify future opportunities and risksthat may impact the project’s

easi iity.

1000 word limit (4 pages). Report style. Tables and workingsto be attached as an Appendix.

Forthis assignment you are

required to demonstrate understanding ofthe investment and financing decisions of a firm and their impact on firm value. You are also
expected to consider external risk factors that will impactthe feasibility of proposed projects. You are required to apply the financial
concepts and techniques developed in topics 10 -12 ofthis unit. i have attached all the relevent data forthis assignment

All relevant tables and cash flow workings should be attached to your document. These must correspond to your discussions. Ensure information is neatly
and clearly presented. Your grader will evaluate the calculations as perwhat is presented in the document. So make sure that whichever
Excel workings you deem suitable to include are visible in the Word report

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