Posted: May 20th, 2015

linux platforms for the server and mobile platforms

linux platforms for the server and mobile platforms

I need to create a proof of concept implementation of an application by a client, to run within
a custom OS environment. The report is called mobile device data collection and monitoring.
The patient sends his/her data from mobile phone to the server. I do not know how to start the
project. If you could help to choose suitable platform for the server and also for mobile
devices, then I myself continue with actually implementing it.
• Identification of suitable platform and OS, by comparing the alternatives(i.e for the
server saying why Linux is better than Windows for patients data collection in
healthcare and send specifically evaluating and comparing several Linux distributions
and identifying which one is suitable for us ) and selecting those with most
appropriate features. The platform is the hardware or environment needed to run the
OS and the application being developed.
What is the range of of possibilities, what are the trade-offs?
For example, which Linux distributions provide relevant features such as lightweight
capabilities, ability to customize for the project and driver compatibility in patients
data collection? All of the above was for the server.
• Now need to compare different mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Symbian,
Blackberry and Windows mobile. Which one is better what are their strength and
weaknesses? After comparing them, saying why I chose Android platform and why is
better than others. All of them are requirements for the project, but anyway finally
have to write that I am going to implement so that it will run in all platforms like web
application because it is efficient.

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