Posted: April 5th, 2015

International Business (MN3104).

International Business (MN3104).

Assignment – 2015
The module is assessed on the basis of a case analysis consisting of three mini-essay
answers to questions based on the following case:
CHRYSTIA FREELAND, “How the iPod Explains Globalization”, New York Times,
Published: June 30, 2011

The questions are equally weighted, each one carrying 1/3 of the full mark
There is a 1,500 word limit.
The deadline for submission is mid-day (12-noon) Friday 8th May (end of week 23)
Question 1
Based on the NYT article, the other indicated readings, and your own research around how
Apple has developed as a company since the return of Steve Jobs in 1997, discuss the key
impacts that globalisation has had on the company’s operations.
Question 2
Describe the key developments in international trade and direct foreign investment illustrated
by the case. Do they support or contradict the key theories of international trade?
Question 3
What ethical issues does the case highlight? If you were a manager of an ethical investment
fund, what corporate social responsibility measures would you expect from Apple? Explain
why you would include – or not – Apple shares in your fund’s investment portfolio.
Further Readings
BHAGWATI, J. N. 2004. In Defense of Globalization, Oxford University Press.
COWEN, T. 2002. Creative destruction : how globalization is changing the world’s cultures,
Princeton, N.J. ; Woodstock, Princeton University Press.
CRANE, A. 2008. The Oxford handbook of corporate social responsibility, Oxford, Oxford
University Press.
DAS GUPTA, A. 2010. Ethics, business and society: managing responsibly, Los Angeles,
You are expected to demonstrate evidence of reading beyond standard textbooks and
lecture notes and to also conduct your own research for information and data to analyze
the case and support your arguments/answers (e.g. financial analysts’ company reports, trade
statistics and investment statistics, government statistics and so on).
Some links and sources for information and data will be provided via Blackboard over the
next weeks (see, this Reuters Apple Timeline:, for example), but you
should be prepared to search for your own.
The further readings are just the starting point for your assignment.
Criteria for a good essay:
? A solid reference list based on reliable sources
? Good understanding of key concepts and ideas
? Some imagination and originality
? Inclusion of data and graphs
? Development of argument so that the whole essay hangs together
? Inclusion of examples, illustrations
? Substantiated conclusions

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