Posted: September 22nd, 2015

Australian egalitarianism

you need to include in-text referencing in places where information is sited from a source and for the in-text reference, it is necessary to include the page number of where the source is sited.
Develop a considered answer to a specific question based on reading a range of sources wider than simply the key readings. (Students must read and refer to a minimum of 15 substantive sources. See below for notes on sources.) A high standard essay would draw upon a wide range of resources to support a well-organized argument in response to the set question. Remember, there is no necessarily ‘correct’ answer to each question: rather, there are arguments that are more persuasively made and intelligently constructed. Consider whether the arguments you read are logical and provide convincing evidence. The same criteria should apply to your own work.

Answer the following question for the essay

Is Australian egalitarianism a myth?

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