Posted: December 18th, 2015

General Education Teacher Perception: Accommodating and including students with learning disabilities

Please be thorough with the wording and research as this is the concept paper of an applied dissertation and research on the subject itself. (like teacher perceptions when they deal with accommodating students with Specific Learning Disorder

This is a Doctoral research for an applied dissertation. It is quantitative study and quantitative study should only be mentioned in the statement of the problem section.

Please use the following format from (Nova Southeastern University)format which does not include a running head

-research site is Lyons Creek Middle school which is located in Broward county, Florida. The school statistics should be about two paragraphs.

The format of the study is written in the following order:

-Introduction about 2 paragraphs (which should have a great opening statement and may include details about research that relates to disabilities in general education teachers and their requirements when accommodating students with disabilities, etc

-Background Justification-2-3 pages

-Research problem 2 pages

-Deficiencies in evidence-1 page

-Audience 1/2 page

-Definition of terms-depends on how many terms

-Purpose of study 1/2 page (This is the last section of the paper before the references page )

A conclusion and recommendation section is not required.

-Most References are within 5 year time period, except for when referencing material like background and justification and or deficiencies in evidence etc. (A good 10 minimum references)

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