Posted: August 4th, 2016

What is right to counsel?

Define the Fifth Amendment. What are the distinctions between the Fifth Amendment and the Sixth Amendment with regard to rights? What judgments can you make about the Fifth and Sixth Amendments regarding rights during interrogation and identification procedures?

What is right to counsel? Explain when the right to counsel attaches, and when it does not apply. How has the development of right to counsel impacted the criminal justice system? What changes to right to counsel would you suggest? Why? Explain
Discussion Questions Rehabilitation has remained a focus of our correctional system in today s society, despite its decline over the last few decades. What do you think is the purpose of rehabilitation? Do you believe rehabilitation is important for the betterment of a prison inmate? Why or why not? Would the type of criminal or length of sentence have an influence on the implementation or effectiveness of rehabilitation? Explain your answers.

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