Posted: May 15th, 2015

Florida’s State Panther

Florida’s State Panther

Write an Annotated Bibliography on Florida Panther. It has to be about just the State of Florida’s Panther, books solely on Florida’s Panther topic,  and referring to its history/cluture.
From the three possible topics about which you did some brainstorrning/free-
writing and formulated investigative questions and preliminary theses, choose one topic
for completing your research project. For this topic, compile a working bibliography of
at least 8 possible, reputable, credible, and college-level sources. Begin looking for
some sources based on our library orientation sessions. The 8 sources in your working
bibliography should represent the variety of types of sources (books, periodical articles,
and Internet sources) that you will need to include in the final draft of your researched
essay. Among the 8 sources for your working bibliography, you should have at least
one book, one periodical article (from the library databases), and one reputable,
college-level Internet site. The following sources will not be acceptable: the online
encyclopedia W1’/(z’pedia (because of its unreliability), World Book (because it is focused
on a high school audience, and most “.com” websites (because their purpose is
commercial and they are not for a college-level audience). Acceptable e-books are ones
that are accessed through the SFSC library website. E-books and portions of e-books
from and Google are not acceptable.

The working bibliography should be arranged in alphabetical order based on the
last name of the author of each source or the first word of the title if no author is shown.
You should prepare the bibliographic entry for each of your sources in the MLA format
as shown in the Wadsworth Handbook, pages 23 9-57.

To begin preparing for the next step in your research project, the annotated
bibliography, you should find one book, one periodical article from the library databases,
and one credible, reputable, college-level website listed in your working bibliography and
take notes, in the form of summaries, paraphrases, and quotations, from them. Therefore,
along with your list of 8 possible sources, you must include some written evidence (on
separate sheets of paper, including the name of the source and the specific page
numbers) of your note taking from those sources listed in your working bibliography.
Your list of possible sources must be typed; your evidence of note taking can be

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