Posted: April 7th, 2015

Economics history essay

Economics history essay

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This essay is based on 2 parts.
The first part of the essay required the writer to choose one of the topic below ( can be integrated with the theme ‘government’ ) and write it in 7 pages.
Write about the topic in general terms.
For example: if you choose:
Impact of political theory in economics methodology, or distinctive national styles or prejudices in the history of economics or…..
Write about it in general terms, so say you choose distinctive national style or prejudices?
Contrast Austrian school of economics with the French and Angelo schools of thought
A very good treatment- study of contrast and similarities and explore the role of geography, culture, religion and history in determining those similarities and differences AND don’t forget to come up with a point or thesis for your essay.
1. Were there paradigms in all of the five periods/schools? What were they?
2. How has economic rhetoric evolved through the five periods/schools?
3. Can the development of economics be understood best as a facet of the history of science, or perhaps as part of intellectual history?
4. What light is cast by the sociology of science (the sociology of scientific knowledge or science studies)?
5. Are there distinctive national styles (and prejudices) in the history of economics?
6. What role has religion played in the development of economics?
7. What role has mathematics played?
8. How about the impact of statistics and other forms of measurement?
9. What has been the impact of history?
10. Political theory?
11. Anthropology?
12. Psychology?
13. Theories and prejudices about race and gender?
Courtesy: HET, Godwin, Duke University

The second part of the essay requires the writer to combine part 1 and the essay I provided to the writer together in 3 pages.

For example: if the essay that I provided is about “government according to the classical economists”
Integrate some ideas from part 1 and the essay that I provided. What do I mean?
if you choose: distinctive nationals styles or prejudices?
Your thesis: Austrian economics better lends itself to this view that the role of government in civic life is redundant.
Make an argument showing that your statement above is true (or false) finish this section by showing how it contrasted with your main thesis from your term paper on the “role of government according to classicists”
This means:
Part 1: general first
Part 2: integrated component with the essay I provided.

use the resources from EconLit and Palgraves.

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