Posted: January 4th, 2017

Develop a relapse prevention plan based upon the “Jed Assessment Case Study” provided

Develop a relapse prevention plan based upon the “Jed Assessment Case Study” provided. The plan should be in a format that might be given to the client to use as a guide. The plan must address the following: 1.Client name and age

2.Client’s family situation

3. What is the client’s agreement to stop using drugs/alcohol? Be specific. For example: Does the client commit to attending AA meetings? If so, how many?

4.If the client relapses, what is the client’s plan to get help?

5.What high-risk situations could trigger a relapse for the client?

What high-risk behaviors or irrational thoughts could lead to relapse?

What coping skills may help the client remain sober?

What new activities could the client participate in to help replace old behaviors such as going out with his friends, for a drink, etc. after work? How many? How often?

How would Jed’s family be involved in his relapse prevention plan?

How would Jed’s family and ethnic culture impact his relapse prevention plan?

What resources are available in the community to help Jed prevent relapse? (use resources that are available in your community/area)

Develop a sobriety card that contains people and resources the client (Jed) could call if he felt he was were at risk to relapse. (e.g., sponsor, family members, crisis hotline) Include why that person/resource should be included.

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