Posted: February 24th, 2017

Describe what a stelophorous statue looks like

. Pleated garments became fashionable in the late _______________ Dynasty.

12. The falcon is the animal form of Horus. However, the symbol of the _________________ is also associated with the god Horus and was often depicted on amulets and coffins. The drop and spiral imitate the marking of a falcon, and it represents healing and ‘making whole’.

13. The goddess _________________ is represented as a vulture with outstretched wings, and included in funerary decoration at the temple of King Hatshepsut.

14. Many time statues would be holding nu¬jars, and the hieroglyph of the nu-jar generally meant what?

15. Why does King Hatshepsut generally disappear from sources, even after her reign was considered successful?

16. Describe what a stelophorous statue looks like.

17. Due to King Amenhotep’s increased emphasis on the solar aspects of deities, large open ________________ were now included in many temple complexes.

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