Posted: September 12th, 2015

Current state of Human Resource Management in Australia

Human resource management  is an evolving organizational function which should anticipate and respond appropriately to internal and external changes.

Critically review and evaluate the current state of HRM in Australia, highlighting trends and challenges, and analyze  how this will impact on the future role of the HR manager.

In answering this question you will need to:

• Identify the key roles and functions of HR managers
• Identify the current trends and challenges for HRM (ie. aging workforce, diversity, mobility and retention of staff, talent shortages, competition, technology, push for strategic involvement, devolving of HR responsibilities to line management, outsourcing/off shoring, etc).
• Analyze how these impact upon, and affect the roles and perceptions of HRM in the workplace.

The following references will help you get started, but you are also expected to do some additional research/reading for this assignment.

Kramar, R (2012) Trends in Australian human resource management: what next? Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources. 50. pp. 133-150.

Sheehan, C., De Cieri, H., Cooper, B & Brooks, R (2014) Exploring the power dimensions of the human resource function, Human Resource Management Journal, 24(2)pp. 193-210.



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