Posted: January 10th, 2017

Why was Britain the home of industrialization?

  1. Why was Britain the home of industrialization?

  2. What were examples of the technology that Britain possessed that gave her the advantage over other countries?  Also, how did the existing banking system help to pave the way for Britain’s success? Also, their political stability?
  3. Explain how the Industrial Revolution affected western society.  Be sure to include the effects of urbanization, changes in social structure and in working class life.
  4. What were some of the measures taken by society to deal with the problems created by industrialization? Give examples.
  5. What was romanticism?  What are some examples of its theory?  How was it a reaction to the unappealing features of industrial society?
  6. What was conservatism?  Explain how its theory provided a means for the old politically powerful families to keep their control over society?  How was the memory of the French Revolution a contributing influence in the formulation of conservatism?
  7. What was liberalism?  Which people in society were attracted to its beliefs? How did liberalism affect beliefs about individual liberty, economics and democracy?
  8. Who were the radicals and what changes did they hope to bring about?  What was socialism and why were its beliefs considered radical?
  9. Nationalism was the most prominent of the political theories.  What was nationalism?  What events prompted nationalism to become such a powerful political force in the western world? What is the relationship between nationalism and liberalism?


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