Posted: March 8th, 2015

Calculate the flame height under the normal atmospheric conditions.

  1. A compartment is fully involved in fire. The flame inside the room is cherry red. Considering the gray body model (ε = 0.75) calculate thermal radiation emission from the compartment and compare it with maximum radiant heat flux for indefinite skin exposure.


  1. Mixed fuel is composed by methane (volume percent is 0.45), carbon monoxide (0.15) and hydrogen (0.40). Calculate the lower flammable limit concentration for the mixture and the concentration of each component in the mixture with air.


  1. Consider a 1.2 m diameter pan fire of petrol with heat release intensity of about

490 kW/m2 of surface area. Calculate the flame height under the normal atmospheric conditions.


  1. Compare the chemical reaction rates at three temperatures – 100, 500 and 1000 K. The activation energy is 100 kJ/mole. Make your conclusion how temperature affects chemical reaction rate.


  1. Calculate the wavelength for infrared thermal radiation with frequency 1014 Hz. Compare the result with the wavelengths for Smooth Radio 100.4 and visible radiation for to the human eye.


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