Posted: March 22nd, 2015

You are invited to dinner with George Washington during which you will have the opportunity to discuss any topic

This is an essay about the importance of chosen topic to Canadian theatre history, which requires a strong thesis statement, as well as an annotated bibliography of some relevant sources. It is not a full-blown research paper, but a prospectus for such a paper. The topic for this essay is the importance of Judith Thompson in Canadian theatre history. Writer will need to deal with her career as a playwright, not just one play. Talk about how and what makes her be important in Canadian theatre history. It could be because she is a feminist playwrite or created a Canadian style play instead of imitated the British or American Broadway style etc. I will upload the 6 sources which writer has to combine with the essay. Since this is a essay about the theatre history writer also need to submit an annotated bibliography from the 6 sources. The sources are not circumscribed in this 6, writer also can go find the sources by himself. however it must be scholarly article with clear bibliography. In that 6 sources there are 3 articles are photos and the citation for 3 of those are at the bottom of the page signed with star sign. This assignment need a lot of reading, so hope you can find a suitable writer do this one. I already ordered around 10 essay from your company, and I had bad experience for 2 times that makes me failed the assignment. just strongly mention about writer need give a strong and specific thesis and always do the quotation mark if he uses some information from the……..

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