Posted: April 6th, 2016

Operations Process Improvement(Quality)

Prepare a typewritten paper describing your plan to improve the process (TASK) you currently work in, presented with Problem Statement and Flowcharts. This plan should identify and explain the details of the process, including graphical representations and flowcharts. This paper will be coherent unification of operation management, and quality processes quantifying the magnitude of the anticipated improvement, e.g., quantifiable cycle time reductions, inventory cost reductions.
Data depicting the results of the process improvement is required. You should be able to produce data, and present a data analysis that will be the basis for your recommendations. If data is not available, (you can build data on an assumption basis) outline how such data could be obtained, what the data might be expected to reveal, and how you would evaluate the success of the improvement project. In either case, be sure to provide a detailed explanation of how you arrived at your conclusions and recommendations. Minimum 18 pages.
Follow this Outline:
SWOT-Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Company Profile
Process Narrative
Process(Current) Flow Charted
Problem Identification
Benchmark- compare with simular processes- the industry does not have to be simular
New Proposed Process Narrative
Process (new) Flow Charted
Incorporate at least 2 quality tools (reference chapter 13 of text)
Cost Benefit = cost – benefit- DETAILED
Conclusion/Summary-( Strong Close)

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