Posted: January 8th, 2016

how does cultural diversity influence team performance

Note: Given topic is very broad, hence need to work on specific research question after literature review. As per my lit. review i want to focus on “how does individualism-collectivism and power distance (the dimensions of culture) effects team performance in multicultural teams.”

The following questions should be covered in your response:
a.What are the philosophical considerations for this topic?
b.What does the literature say and how has this helped you to make your proposal more specific?
c.Should the research be inductive or deductive?

Your proposal should also:
d.Describe your chosen research design, and method(s).
e.Describe your method of data analysis.
f.Explain what ethical considerations need to be taken in account and how you will deal with these.

For the purposes of this assignment you should also:
g.Describe an alternative way in which you could have carried out research into this topic.
h.Justify the one you chose (d.)

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