Posted: August 6th, 2015




Silvius,A.J. (2008) ‘Does ROI matter? Insights in the true business v alue of IT’

in IT Service

Management Global Best Practices. The Netherlands: itSMF International, pp. 95-114.

You should:

Reflect on a past/current

project/environment/role in which you were personally inv olv ed and compare this to the theory and findings as provided and applied in the
artic e.

Write a report evaluating the question: “Does ROI matter?” and how insight into value of IT

is being generated within your own organisation (p ast/current project/env ironment/role). If applicable, you should suggest improvements to be made in your own organisation
(past/current project/environment/role) based on the concepts provided in the article.

You will need to fully reference any additional sources you cite in your personal report, and provide a list of references at the end of the personal report, if applicable.

When you write a personal report the general idea isto reflect on your own experience and business environment, i.e. how doesthe theory applyto
your own environment,what are your organisations’ strengths and weaknesses, where can you make improvements? If you do not currently work
in IT Gov ernance,then interview others who will be able to relate their experience and assist you with critiquing this article.

The responses must relate to IT Governance and Cobit


This assessment is intended to:

Assess your knowledge of key IT Governance principles

Assess your ability to discuss and evaluate business environments within the context of IT Governance

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