Posted: December 29th, 2015

International Management and Leadership

Critical Literature Review


The aim of the assignment is to explore the scholarly literature on the theoretical issues and applied aspects of leadership and management in an international context.

‘Global leadership is about leading across countries, and it is also about leading for opportunities related to globalisation within a single country. Success in such an environment means leading people to achieve results. Global leaders must have a global mindset – a way of organising knowledge to create openness to new ways of thinking and acting about personal and business effectiveness.’ (Lane and Maznevski (2014), International Management Behaviour: Global and Sustainable Leadership, p.27).

In the light of this quote, you should select a subject of particular interest to you which is clearly related to International Management and Leadership and agree the subject choice with your tutors. Examples of suitable topics include: cross-cultural communication, global mindset, cultural intelligence, managing change in global organisations, managing global teams, global leadership development etc.. Having selected and agreed your subject area, you are required to identify and draw on a minimum of eight academic published articles, critically explore the subject area and provide a written account of your work in essay format.


Presentation and Format:


Your assignment should be word processed using 12pt font. Please number the individual pages.

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