Posted: September 15th, 2015

Written Pathways Paper

Written Pathways Paper

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Write a paper addressing the impact of a globalization pathway on a health condition in both a high income and a low income country. The point of the paper is to demonstrate that you have achieved the course learning objectives linking globalization activities with effects on population health status in different countries.

The paper consists of 4 parts:
1. Introduction of the globalization pathway: introduce it, describe it, define it, and explain how it is measured. Justify its relevance to global public health. Explain why you chose to work with it. Read Chapter 9 in the Birn et al. textbook. It contains a list of major globalization pathways, and has a discussion of how those pathways are linked to health issues. There are many combinations of pathways and health status indicators. Think of a pathway that interests you, for example, one pathway that “generates health inequities” is “environmental damage” (p. 426): as an example, it can result from agricultural issues which may affect a nutrition related health indicator, or you could use some aspect of water and relate that to an appropriate health outcome for which you have health status data. Some examples from last year: fast food proliferation and rates of death from cardiac disease, population migration and changing Chagas Disease rates and distribution, health technology proliferation and quality of health services.

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