Posted: October 9th, 2016

A writ of certiorari is issued after what rule is invoked?

In which constitutional article is the executive power found?
A) Article I
B) Article II
C) Article III
D) Article IV
A bill has been approved in the House and Senate, albeit in slightly different versions. The bill now goes to
A) the president for her/his veto or signature.
B) a conference committee.
C) the standing committees in the House and Senate where the bill originated.
D) the House Rules committee.
The Postal Service and AMTRAK are examples of
A) cabinet departments.
B) government corporations.
C) independent agencies.
D) regulatory agencies.
What is the strategy employed in the Senate to prevent a bill from coming to a vote?
A) mark up
B) filibuster
C) cloture
D) pocket veto
A writ of certiorari is issued after what rule is invoked?
A) The rule of nine
B) The rule of eight
C) The rule of four
D) The rule of five

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