Posted: April 21st, 2016

Whsat is a dropbox??

For example a reproduction of a PowerPoint slide to illustrate how to create reader-friendly slides; a picture to illustrate a point about body language in presentations; a diagram to illustrate where to stand in relation to a slide projector and screen; or a screenshot to show one of the steps. Visuals should be integrated into the instructions, ideally through references in one or more steps of the instructions. For this purpose, you can label the visuals as Figure A and Figure B. • Remember that the instructions should include preparing as well as delivering the presentation, so they might include a timeline explaining the stages of preparation. Feel free to imagine a particular topic if this will help you write this part of the instructions. 2. Compose an email message that can be sent to all employees with these instructions as a document attachment. Your email message should serve as a brief transmittal message explaining the attachment. For purposes of submitting this assignment, the email message should be composed on a separate page at the beginning of the Word document that contains the instructions. 3. Post the assignment in the Week 7 Procedural Message dropbox no later than midnight Sunday. Note that there should be only one document, which will contain the email transmittal message and the instructions.


documents–W7-Writing_Assignment_4-Procedural_Message_Assignment (1).docx

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