Posted: July 31st, 2016

What is the new assignment?

Perfect City For this assignment your Learning Team is to develop the perfect, crime free, American city. Assuming that money is no object, your team is being tasked with developing a crime free city anywhere in the United States. Select your own location, recruit your own population and develop your own housing plan, business plan, tax plan, education system, cultural lifestyle and criminal justice system. Many people complain on a daily basis about how bad American cities have become. This is your opportunity to start from the ground up in developing the Perfect City. Keep in mind the Criminological Theories of crime causation that you have read about in this class and ensure that your city is designed in a manner that precludes these issues from taking place. Prepare a 10 to 15 slide PowerPoint presentation that clearly lays out your Perfect City. There is no written paper for this assignment. You are not required to include any research for this assignment, however, if you do please ensure that it is properly referenced per APA.

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