Posted: April 27th, 2016

The Weight of the Nation Episode #1 “Consequences”

Written Assignment: The Weight of the Nation Episode #1 “Consequences” This assignment is due (no exceptions under any circumstances) time certain: This assignment is worth 70% of your final grade Instructions: All students must download and watch Episode #1 “Consequences” of the HBO series “The Weight of the Nation.” Stream it here: This can be downloaded on iTunes for FREE! Assignment Instructions: This assignment requires that you download/stream and watch the film “Weight of the Nation: consequences episode” 1. Watch the entire film. You may have to watch several times in order to answer the questions. 2. Structure your paper in outline form, using the exact outline given in this assignment. Use the exact roman numerals for each question below and type out your answer with each roman numeral (e.g., I., II., III., etc). Failure to follow this format requirement will reduce your grade. 3. This is not a research paper and does not need to be in APA format (e.g., abstract, intro, etc). BUT you must cite all work in text and in a perfectly formatted APA reference section in APA format at the end of the paper. Failure to use the outline form or to use proper APA format for citations/references will reduce your grade. 4. This assignment will require that you answer specific questions designed to assess your understanding of the movie, the health and epidemiological issues, and concepts/theory from the course. You will have to do research and integrate your findings into the paper for specific questions. Failure to answer each question thoroughly and to integrate research to support the answer will reduce your grade. 5. You may use ONLY credible websites for your research and the textbook for this course. See the questions below for credible web sources. Failure to use credible websites will reduce your grade.

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