Posted: August 11th, 2015



Headings This Assignment Should Possess
1. Introduction and Business Background
2. Business Goals and Website Goals
3. Competitor Website Analysis
4. Target Audience
5. Forecasted Use Environments
6. User Tasks
7. Website Content and Development Tools
8. Website Content Storyboard
9. Website Template Designs
10. Process Analysis
11. Marketing Techniques
12. Conclusion
13. References
Important Final Points
1. Open up a word doc, save it to your H-Drive as ‘Information Systems Assignment One’.
2. Type the ‘headings’ provided above straight into a word document.
3. You can elaborate on these headings. It will make it easier for you to begin writing.
4. There is nothing worse than finding yourself in the situation where you are staring at a blank word
document a couple of nights out form the assignment due date.
5. You can use dot points and / or tables in some sections to minimise your word count however,
make sure everything is done in a professional manner and is easy for the reader to follow.
6. Keep your report neat, clean, and tidy. Make it look good. Style is important here too. You need to
make the reader ‘want’ to keep reading your proposal.
7. Make sure you always back up your work on an external USB hard drive.
8. Use the marking criteria provided to ensure you have added everything the markers want into your
report. Use it like a check list.
9. Creating a PDF document from your completed WORD document is a good way to lock everything
down and make the document impervious to alterations (no-one can alter what you have written and
nothing can move around which can sometimes happen when you have a lot of images, tables, and
diagrams in a WORD document).
10. For your next assignment – the website project, you will be creating the website specified in this

The first assignment is for the most part, a plan for your business concept and its associated website. It
is basically a business proposal with some managerial and technical aspects that detail how a website
can benefit a specific business and how the website will look, feel, and run. Essentially, you are trying
to sell someone on the idea of having a website created for their business where you are the website
creator and administrator. Think of the plan as a ‘pitch’ to a potential client, showing off your
knowledge of their core business and the business’s specific goals, describing how websites can
potentially increase market share and most importantly, providing evidence of your prowess in
website design, administration, and successfully utilising Internet marketing techniques. It is a pitch
that promotes the purchase of a website (designed and administered by you) that can greatly assist a
business achieve specific goals, increase their market share, and ultimately their profit margins.

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