Posted: April 9th, 2015

Voices of Freedom

Voices of Freedom

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Documents 128 in the book Voices of Freedom.

Professor LaBau’s Paper Assignment for Hist 202
Three times during the quarter you will write a paper analyzing one of the documents in
Voices of Freedom. Your paper will be composed of two parts:
1) Your answers to the four Historian’s Questions.
2) Your answers to Foner’s questions (listed after each document in Voices of Freedom).
The text of your paper (including answers to all six questions) must be 400-500 words. Most of
those words should be devoted to Historian’s Questions 2-4.
You will be assigned three specific documents to analyze in your papers during the
course of the quarter. A list of which documents you are assigned to write about will be posted
on Blackboard at the conclusion of the add/drop period.
A printed copy of each paper is due before class on the date that the document is
assigned. Papers turned in after the beginning of class will receive a 10% penalty until the end
of class. Papers turned in by the beginning of the following class meeting will receive a 50%
penalty. No assignments will be accepted later than that. Your four document analysis (three
papers and the final document analysis during our final exam time) will cumulatively count for
40% of your overall grade.

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