Posted: April 3rd, 2017

U.S. Health Care Reform legislation debate and policy circa 2009

U.S. Health Care Reform legislation debate and policy circa 2009

to present

And after selecting a strongest hypothesis which is

Reforms in Healthcare will eradicate wasteful spending resulting from fraud and lack of Coordination leading to reduced Healthcare costs.

In an effort to answer your research question which is will reforms help change America’s health care system? 1.Create at least three variables (one dependent, two independent) to evaluate the hypothesis. 2.Describe how each of these variables will be measured. Be sure to use references to support your variable development.

Having identified the variables and having provided supporting research, you will now develop the first draft of your Final Research Paper.

Compose a 5- to 6-page draft (excluding title page and bibliography), in APA format, that includes the following components: 1.Determination of an appropriate hypothesis and description of relevant research 2.Identification and description of three variables 3.Explanation of how each variable will be appropriately measured

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