Posted: December 21st, 2015

Towards enhancing judicial independence in post-war

1-Formal conditions have not met the requirements of judicial independence:

-What to do with the increasing executive role in judicial administration?

-Legislative scrutiny, is it supportive to the independence?

-Non-judicial bodies perform judicial functions

-Assessing the proposed new law forming Federal Supreme Court (has not been passed yet)


2-The lack of public trust in judiciary due to human rights violations, what relevant? and what is the treatment?

-Dysfunction in justice system

-Limited role of the Public Prosecutor

-The scope of judicial review

-Enforcing judgements

-Support from civil society to rebuild public trust


3-Judges qualification in Iraq

-Applying to Judicial Institute run by Ministry of Justice (has to be run by Higher Judicial Council)

-Reforming judicial behaviour, assessing the role of judicial oversight commission

-The need for establishing judicial accountability in Iraq

-The need of training judges

-reform the judicial leadership


4-Steps to be followed in order for reform

-Taking advantage of experiences of other post-conflict nations (common obstacles against establishment of judicial independence, what is the treatment).

-Lesson can be learned from Iraq experience

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