Posted: August 3rd, 2015

Topic: Frankenstein Intertextuality

Topic: Frankenstein Intertextuality

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Task Sheet states:
“How does Frankenstein rely on the ideas, beliefs or issues circulated in other texts?”
1000-1400 words. Bibliography and in-text referencing. Will attach task sheet.

3-4 paragraphs and conclusion, at the very least two quotes per paragraph, refer to frankenstein primarily and other texts such as dante’s inferno, paradise lost etc, also use other literary opinions where possible. NO MOVIES, CLASSIC TEXTS only(no bladerunner or george shrinks) Underline all texts. Refer to the Shelley siblings as M. Shelley and P. Shelley. My planning refers to the miltonic features alot, please refer to these. This is my intro but feel free to change it.

“The novel Frankenstein has come to stand for the gothic genre. It is hard to define the gothic genre because text’s meanings, ideas and beliefs depend upon the cultural and ideological context in which they created and interpreted. Among the literary texts found in Frankenstein is Milton’s Paradise Lost. In fact, the novel depends on the ideas circulated in Milton’s literary work. The recurrence of Miltonic ideologies shows that M. Shelley consciously employed a series of parallels between the two narratives. Such a plethora of comparisons was discussed by author, Christopher Small; in his thesis it is suggested that the monster is equivalent to Adam, and progressively depreciates by way of rejection and isolation, to Satin. Small determines that it, “touches the center of the whole theme”. Similar to this M. Shelley consequently evinces the Miltonic conception of evil in Victor Frankenstein, who stands for ‘God’. In her conscious representation of Milton’s myth she specifies the contradictions inherent in the bourgeois ideal of the individual. My undertaking then, is to explore how Frankenstein effectively prospered from dogmatic beliefs, issues and ideas put forward in other texts.”

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