Posted: September 21st, 2015

TMGT 361;Assignment V Instructions

TMGT 361;Assignment V Instructions

See the general assignment instructions for information about the quality and quantity expectations and evaluation criteria.
V.    Data collection and analysis.
a.    Define a population, a variable, and a unit of observation (related to quality and with an industrial-technical focus). Collect a sample of data from the population (at least 10 values). Calculate appropriate measures of central tendency and dispersion. Create an appropriate chart to display the data. Does the data look like it fits a particular distribution; should it, i.e., does the data fit the definition of a particular distribution?
b.    Similar to example 5.8 in the Primer, calculate the mean and 3 sigma limits for 10 coin tosses. Toss an actual coin 10 times and compare the theoretical and actual results.
c.    Create your own probability example of compound events (similar to examples 5.20 – 5.23 in the Primer).
d.    Discuss the general principles of how to make something more reliable.
e.    Do your own failure experiment. Calculate Lambda and Theta.

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