Posted: May 7th, 2015

There are 3 distinct processes in place to deal with differing student circumstances:

There are 3 distinct processes in place to deal with differing student circumstances:
1)    Assessed Extended Deadline (AED): Students with disabilities or long term health issues are entitled to a Support Plan.
2)    Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances (EEC): The EEC policy applies to situations where serious, unforeseen circumstances prevent the student from completing the assignment on time or to the normal standard.
3)    Late Submission: Requests for late submission will be made to the relevant Subject Manager in the School (or Head of Joint Honours for joint honours students) who can authorise an extension of up to a maximum of one week.

The design, costing and implementation of WLAN based system. A detailed deployment timetable is also required.

Due Date:  On Thursday 16th April 2015
(Please submit your work via TurnItIn)

Assignment:     Wireless LAN Design


Students will be supplied with a complex floor plan and a list of business requirements, students will be required to design a solution, specifying the required equipment and provide a detail deployment timetable.

You may use information from any network equipment supplier; however, there should be more information about the products used in the proposed system description (e.g. printouts from Internet describing parts).

You must admit any work conducted by other authors but referenced by you in your work. Or else, you may run risk of being charged as plagiarism which, once confirmed, will bring your coursework a mark of Nil.

Word limit of 3000 words.

NOTE: Submission is required in the format specified in section 8, failure to use the specified format WILL LOSE YOU MARKS.


On the 17th March 2015 you will present your design to the class, this will be in PowerPoint format. The presentation will be of the following:-

1.    Logical diagram of the proposed system
2.    Physical layout of the proposed system
3.    Radiation patterns of the proposed system
4.    An outline of you proposed report (only the section headings are required)

Come prepared to justify of your design.

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