Posted: May 11th, 2015

The Spectacular Now”

The Spectacular Now”

Write a two page paper comparing the script to film “The Spectacular Now”.

What is the biggest difference between script to film?

Did characters come across differently from script to film?

If you were the writer of this script, would you be happy with the film? Why or why not?

Describe elements from the filmmakers toolbox that was used in the film.

Breakdown the structure of the film addressing the 5 Key Plot Points.

Grading Ruberic

Thoughtful Analysis Covering all Questions 7

Structural Breakdown 3


Total 10

Scott Neustadter
Michael H. Weber
Based on the novel by Tim Tharp
GREEN Production Draft
July XX, 2012
OVER BLACK, we hear a teenage voice:
“Question number two. Describe a
challenge, hardship or misfortune you
have experienced in your life.
EXTREME CLOSE UP on a single BEAD OF SWEAT. The skin it
belongs to is out of focus.
What have you learned from this and how
has it prepared you for the future?”
The lone bead of sweat begins its slow descent.
RACK FOCUS on the bead of sweat to REVEAL the “skin” is
actually a beer bottle.
And then we SLOWLY PULL BACK to show who the voice and
beer belong to: SUTTER KEELY, 18, boyishly handsome,
killer smile. He takes a swig of the beer, staring at a
college application on his computer.
As he thinks about the answer, we get a glimpse of
Sutter’s room. A small desk. A twin bed. Clothes on the
floor. Decorations include a baseball pennant from some
minor league team and a framed photo of the Rat Pack.
BACK ON Sutter, staring down the application. An idea
comes to him. He starts to type.
“Dear… Dean of Admissions… My name is
Sutter Keely and up until yesterday I had
the best fucking girlfriend in the

You forgot your coat.
And before we ever know what happens next:

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