Posted: August 15th, 2015

The sistine chapel,humanities.

virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel through the Vatican website. You can view the whole room, toggle up and down to study the ceiling and walls, and you can also zoom in to take a closer look at the work. As you experience the Chapel on this visit, take note of your impressions. You should write at least 1 page about your first reactions to the art, how you relate this work to art you have seen before, and what you emotions and memories come to mind as you view the Chapel.

Part II B: Do research on the Sistine Chapel. Using two credible sources, report for at least one page on the hypothesis or elements of art that are featured in your research. What do some experts say about the Sistine Chapel, its purpose, and the impressions it might leave on a viewer?

Part III C: Finally, you’ll bring together your first impressions with the research and visit the Chapel again. What changes when you add more information to your analysis of the Sistine Chapel as a work of art? Which reactions remain with you from your first experience, and why do you think they are important? Talk about the experience of studying art beyond first impressions.
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