Posted: April 13th, 2021

The painting above is the Napoleon Crossing the Alps. Explain the origin, artist, style, context, and intent of this sculpture.

Examine the painting presented below. Reflect on what we have learned about Enlightenment, and explain both the history of the object, its context, and how it helps to shape our understanding of the period. Finally, compare this painting with another, contemporary work that references back to the Enlightenment.Requirements:Your writing should be 4-5 pages long, not including the bibliography or any tables, images, or figures. Please use 12-point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins and double-spacing. Regardless of what your topic is, you must cite all your sources and include a bibliography. Formatting for your citations and bibliography should follow an accepted academic writing style, such as Chicago, MLA, or APA style. Remember, academic writing should be formal, regardless of its topic.There is no minimum or maximum number of sources, but you must look beyond encyclopedia entries. An encyclopedia, whether it is Wikipedia or the Encyclopedia Britannica, is a good place to begin reading about a topic. It is where you go for basic information and elementary analysis. Remember: this is not an elementary class; this is a college class. Your intellect deserves more than an elementary analysis. You must use scholarly sources. This means that uncritical websites that lack peer review are not appropriate for this paper. Under no circumstances will I accept uncritical websites as a scholarly source of information. Using sites like Mental Floss or any other site that does not engage in peer-review will be very detrimental to your grade on this paper. The UCO Library makes a tremendous amount of research available to you through academic databases like JStor. Please make use of it!Further, I take a dim view of plagiarism of any sort. Copying, patch writing, or any other attempt to deceive your reader by using someone else’s words in place of your own will result in a zero on this paper and a disciplinary report to the Office of Student Conduct. You must write your own paper in your own words, and you must cite your sources. This is a basic, fundamental part of academic writing, and I insist upon it for good reasons:1. Writing in this way lets you practice critical thinking, higher-level argumentation, and information literacy.2. Reading difficult sources and writing your own papers is the only way that you can actually improve at writing.3. Writing academic papers is the primary way that you practice organizing your thoughts and presenting them to others.Plagiarism is deception and cheating, and it is counter to the project of college education. Please, don’t plagiarize this paper. If you have any doubts or questions about what plagiarism is, please contact me! I am always happy to help.Examine: Picture-1 The painting above is the Napoleon Crossing the Alps. Explain the origin, artist, style, context, and intent of this sculpture.Be sure that you explain the following:Who painted this work?When was it made?Where was it displayed (if known)?Where is it displayed now?What is its style? Why do you assign it to this style?What elements of Enlightenment thought does this painting reflect? How so?Why was this painting important to the French Revolution? What political message does it intend?Next, compare this painting with Kehinde Wiley’s Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps: Picture-2 This painting by Kehinde Wiley is from 2005, and is clearly meant to reference the painting above. Why do you think Wiley chose this subject and composition? What political message does this painting intend?Remember, I am interested in seeing you demonstrate your research, but I am even more interested in seeing your ideas. Give some thought to these paintings and their similarities and differences. You have several weeks to complete this paper, so put in your best effort!

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