Posted: September 10th, 2015

The importance of men in foster care

The lost Impact of Fatherhood in the Foster care System: A case study of Diminishing Influence and role models for African American Children in foster care.

Introduction (Opening Statement of the problem-Set the stage/hooks the reader/establishes the problem/provides background/justifies its importance).
• The Purpose Statement – The purpose of a proposal is to explain and justify the proposed study to an audience of non-experts on your topic.
• Need for the Study/ Significance of the Study
• Research Questions –

Reason for limited men in foster care

/The importance of men in foster care

/Why male role models are needed in foster care

/How and why the foster care system have failed African American Children ect….
• Objectives – Explicate the logic behind your research study
• Key Terms
• Delimitations, Limitations, & Assumptions
• Closing/ Summary – Problem Statement (Clearly & Concisely explain what will be studied).

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