Posted: August 24th, 2015

The emergency department.

The potential impact on community health care systems in the U.S. of the development of for-profit, freestanding emergency facilities owned by national companies is a matter of growing concern for these hospitals.

You work in a full-service independent community hospital in the U.S. Your boss, the hospital’s administrator, has been meeting with politicians and government officials to ask for their help in creating laws and regulations that discourage the formation of these competitors to your emergency department. Your boss asks you to prepare arguments to use in these discussions. Write a memo  summarizing  why maintaining a viable emergency department is crucial for your hospital’s financial health and 2) why the development of new for-profit, free-standing facilities is bad for your hospital and for the community health system in general.

Now, instead, assume you work for a for-profit group that owns a local free-standing emergency facility. Your boss, the facility’s administrator, will be meeting with the same politicians and government officials to argue in favor of the merits of free-standing emergency facilities and their benefits for the community. Write a memo  summarizing the points your boss should make.

Briefly summarize the role of the emergency department in the Saudi Arabian health care system. Is it similar to, or different from, the American system? Explain.

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