Posted: June 18th, 2015

Read the following article that discusses trends of school administrators regarding safe, ethical, legal and responsible technology use:

n preparation for writing the technology proficiencies reflection paper:

Review for accessibility standards
Read the following article that discusses trends of school administrators regarding safe, ethical, legal and responsible technology use:
Garland, V. (2009). Emerging Technology Trends and Ethical Practices for the School Principal. Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 38(1), 39-50.
Retrieved from Computers & Applied Sciences Complete database. (AN 45529383)
Review 3-4 of the websites that your Walden student colleagues developed, review your website, and make any modifications needed to improve your site. Address content, navigation, and the accessibility of your site.
Next, add additional, targeted resources and develop a plan for updating the website and for handing it off to district level administrators.
Then, complete the Technology Infusion Matrix for MA#5 to help you organize your thoughts and consider specific technology skills used.
Use the matrix to inform your reflective paper that includes the following sections:

1. Introduction: include name of the website, demographics of the school district. Include the URL.

2. The Web Development Process: describe how you tackled the process (organizational strategies, mis-steps, tech skills learned because of this process

3. Impact of Technology on Professional Development:

Impact on professional development sessions
What types of technology did you use in your session?
How did the use of presentation technology impact/enhance your session? Did you encounter any issues or concerns regarding the technology?
System-wide impact
What ethical or legal responsibilities must you consider when developing websites to be used in schools?
How can the use of technology enhance your ability to impact change in your district?
What are the advantages of using technology for professional development?
4. Reflection: Reflect upon what you learned as a result of this process. Consider other ways you might use this technology-you can include professional and personal uses for the skills that you have learned.

5. Professional Development Plan: What gaps did you identify in your technology skills that could keep you from being an effective and efficient leader of professional development for your school/district or organization? When developing your response, consider your professional develop presentation, online collaborations for this course and the use of web-based technologies for sharing information and providing support. Develop a short-term and a long-term goal and action plan for improving/enhancing your technology proficiencies.

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