Posted: August 9th, 2015

T.S. Eliot (HSC Advanced English Module B)

T.S. Eliot (HSC Advanced English Module B)

This essay requires a synthesised response to a question using a specific text. The text used is on Poems by T.S Eliot, specifically “The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock” and “Journey of the Magi”
Please read the NSW Board of Studies English Advanced HSC Prescription, section on Module B.
The essay requires 4 paragraphs (1 introduction, 2 major body paragraphs and 1 conclusion) and the 2 major body paragraphs must each include the 2 texts with minimum 2 quotes analysed from each poem (in each of the 2 paragraphs). Usually, since it is high school essay, it requires literary technique analysis of each quotes and its effect in supporting the thesis or an idea.

I need an essay that may suit a range of different questions. So i need a very broad and general essay on the topic of
-Uncertainty of Self
-Modernism (Modernist man)
-Objective correlative
-relationship between an indiviudal and the surroundings
-Divided identity
-In Search of inner identity.

These are an example questions
“Assess how T.S. Eliot portrays uncertainty of self, refer to at least TWO poems”
“How does Eliot portray isolation and fragmentation of self through the use of language?”
“Through its portrayal of human experience, Eliot’s poetry reinforces the value of Indiviudal, to what extent does your interpretation of at least 2 poems support this view?”
“Explore the effectiveness of the poetic style of T.S. Eliot’s when evaluating his success as a poet. Refer to at least 2 prescribed poem…”
“How is objective correlative used to portray divided self and Eliot’s view of the modern world?”
BUt please take a look at the Module B and HSC assessment criteria and its rubric to get a better understanding. Becauuse i need an essay for the HSC, and the question is unknown so I need to be prepared for numrerous possibilities. Please contact me if you require further informations.

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