Posted: September 21st, 2015

Systems Theory

Systems Theory

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Assessment item 2–Written Assessment

You have already done detailed design and development of a project in assignment 1. This Assignment 2 is based on Assignment 1. This assessment requires you to write a report which critically analyses the system test evaluation and validation of a project , Optimisation in design and operations for reliability and maintainability which you have developed in assignment 1 . You need to address Human factors in designing the Project. The report should analyse the following:

–System test, evaluation and validation

–Optimisation in design and operations for reliability and maintainability

–Human factors in designing concepts.

To demonstrate your research skills and understanding, the report should:

Include relevant theories and models

Draw upon relevant sources like journals, books or reputable trade publications in analysing the project (at least 10 publications, including a minimum of 3 peer reviewed research articles)

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